National Vulnerability Disclosure Program (NVDP)

Welcome to the National Vulnerability Disclosure Program (NVDP), a collaborative initiative between the government and the cybersecurity research community to enhance the security posture of our nation’s digital infrastructure. This program aims to establish a structured framework for responsible vulnerability disclosure, enabling security researchers to report identified vulnerabilities in a safe and efficient manner.

About NVDP

The NVDP serves as a centralized platform for security researchers to responsibly disclose vulnerabilities they discover in the systems and applications deployed across various government entities. By establishing a clear and transparent process for reporting vulnerabilities, the NVDP facilitates timely mitigation efforts, reducing the risk of exploitation and enhancing overall cybersecurity resilience.

Our Objectives:

Facilitate Responsible Disclosure.

Provide security researchers with a secure and trusted channel to report vulnerabilities to the relevant authorities.

Enhance Cybersecurity Posture

Identify and address security vulnerabilities in a proactive manner to safeguard critical infrastructure and sensitive data.

Foster Collaboration

Foster collaboration between the cybersecurity research community and government entities to strengthen the overall cybersecurity ecosystem.

How it Works:

  • Apply to become a Researcher

    Submit an application to become a researcher. Once received, we'll verify your details. Upon approval, you'll gain access to test the vulnerability.

  • Submission of Vulnerabilities

    Researchers can submit vulnerability reports through the NVDP portal, providing detailed information about the identified issue.

  • Assessment and Mitigation

    Our team of experts will promptly assess the reported vulnerabilities and work with the respective agencies to develop and implement mitigation strategies.

  • Acknowledgment and Recognition

    Researchers will receive acknowledgment for their contributions to enhancing cybersecurity, and eligible reports may be eligible for recognition and rewards.

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