myLocker User Information Available for Sale

In a disturbing revelation, it has been discovered that a hacker is selling user data from the myLocker panel on a dark web hacking forum for $150. This incident poses a significant threat to the integrity of the Digital Bangladesh Program, an initiative of the ICT Division designed to offer a safe and secure locker for collecting, preserving, and supplying documents in the cloud.

myLocker, a key part of the Digital Bangladesh Program, is made to be a safe digital locker where citizens can store and share all kinds of government and private documents. All information is stored in the Bangladesh Government’s Four Tier National Data Center, safeguarded with 256-bit encryption, cloud storage solutions, a secure application, and a dedicated backup zone.

According to the analysis of the leaked data samples, while no digital copies of personal documents were found, the breach still includes sensitive user information. The exposed data contains:

  • User ID
  • Citizen ID
  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • National ID (NID)
  • Birth Date

Also it was not found the exact amount of data that had been breached. As per the myLocker official website there are a total amount of 25,56,400 Registered users along with 85,96,890 Issued documents are stored in their databases.

This breach underscores the critical importance of robust cybersecurity measures in the digital age. The ICT Division must act swiftly to secure the myLocker platform and protect user information. Citizens must also remain vigilant and adopt best practices for personal data security to mitigate risks.

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