Fake LAPSUS$ group Arrived?

LAPSUS$ Back in action?

A new Telegram channel under the name “LAPSUS$ Group” emerged in December 2023, raising concerns about a potential resurgence of the hacking group. This comes after the original LAPSUS$ channel, known for high-profile attacks in 2022, was shut down and its core members, two teenagers, were convicted in a UK court in 2023.

Fresh Leak and Suspected Culprit

On May 1st, 2024, a user named “1337r0j4n” posted a massive 34GB leak of the Tapware domain’s entire database on this new LAPSUS$ telegram channel. Interestingly, 1337r0j4n is also the founder of a Myanmar hacktivist group called “LeetGh0sts Squ4d,” established in 2021.

In addition to the copycat LAPSUS$ group, there are also Indian hacktivist groups like “GLORIAMIST” involved in the operation.

The original LAPSUS$ group targeted major organizations including Brazil’s Ministry of Health, Okta, Nvidia, Samsung, Mercado Libre, Ubisoft, T-Mobile, and Microsoft.

Uncertainties Remain

While the connection between the new LAPSUS$ channel and the original group is unclear, its activities, including DDoS attacks, website defacement, and database access of some poor websites,. Whether this is a genuine revival of LAPSUS$ or a copycat operation remains to be seen.

Past Takedown and Legal Action

In 2022, London police arrested seven individuals suspected of being LAPSUS$ members. Though all were released under investigation, the arrests highlighted international efforts to tackle the group. Additionally, the 2023 conviction of two teenagers for their role in past LAPSUS$ attacks demonstrates legal consequences for cybercrime.

In short, the emergence of a new Telegram channel under the name “LAPSUS$ Group” has sparked concerns about a potential return of the hacking group. However, there’s significant uncertainty surrounding its legitimacy. While the new group boasts a similar name and engages in activities reminiscent of LAPSUS$, it lacks the notoriety for targeting high-profile organizations achieved by the original group. Additionally, the connection between the new channel and the original members remains unclear. The true nature of this “LAPSUS$ Group” remains to be seen. It could be a genuine revival, a copycat operation, or something else entirely. Only time and further investigation will reveal its intentions and capabilities.

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